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This kit consists of a box with the roofbars and 2 boxes for additional sealings. Please check both fitting instructions for installation.
The roof bars increase your loading capacity and make the transportation of bulky objects easier.
Multipurpose, they permit the installation of various transportation accessories:
Roof boxes, bike-carriers, ski-carriers, kayak-carriers, etc.
Perfectly suited to the dimensions and style of each vehicle, they have been designed to avoid scratches to the vehicle and are fitted with an anti-theft system.
Installation and removal is simple and fast.

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Jeep Avenger (2023-….)


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D Avatar autora 20.6.2024 12:37
Dear Sirs Can you please confirm two questions before proceeding with the order : 1. Is this Crossmembers available for the Avanger model with sun/sliding roof ? 2. Do you have more detailed assembly instruction in order to check if the bars fit into the hole that is in vehicle chassis. Thanks in advance