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866 Kč

Ethylene glycol based three-year formulation to prevent freeze-up and boil-over while inhibiting corrosion. Only for vehicles factory filled with three-year coolant.

Kód: 04267020AD
374 Kč bez DPH
453 Kč

Superior formula to loosen virtually all rusted and corroded parts. Excellent heat valve solvent.

Kód: 04318039AE
Mopar aditivum do diferenciálu (120ml)
361 Kč bez DPH
437 Kč

Reduces wear, noise and chatter in limited slip (Sure-Grip, Trak-Lok, Power-Lok) differentials. Should be added whenever the gear oil is changed or...

Kód: 04318060AB
259 Kč bez DPH
313 Kč

For use in hydraulic brake systems specifying DOT 3 brake fluid or disc or drum brakes. Meets or exceeds SAE and federal specifications.

Kód: 04318080AD
mopar dot4 500ml
449 Kč bez DPH
543 Kč

Specially blended to withstand heat and pressure. DOT 4 fluid meets all DOT requirements for DOT 4.

Kód: 04549625AD
Mopar NSG370 / NV3500 převodový olej (946ml)
1 033 Kč bez DPH
1 250 Kč

Unique lubricant specially formulated for the NV 3500 and NSG 370 transmissions. Required to maintain shift properties.

Kód: 04874464
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328 Kč bez DPH
397 Kč

Silicone rubber RTV developed specifically to retain sealing and adhesion properties when exposed to automatic transmission fluid.

Kód: 05010884AD
1 146 Kč bez DPH
1 387 Kč

The only RTV sealer approved for use in Chrysler built axles using Mopar SAE 75W-90 Axle Lubricant P/N 68218655AC. This is the only factory used...

Kód: 05013477AD
601 Kč bez DPH
727 Kč

This lubricant is intended for use in the NV245, NV247 and NV249 transfer case and not recommended for use in other vehicle transfer case applications.

Kód: 05016796AC
1 085 Kč bez DPH
1 313 Kč

This fluid is specifically designed for Chrysler Crossfire and Dodge Sprinter automatic transmissions. Not intended for use in power steering systems or other Chrysler...

Kód: 05127382AB
mop 05136035ad xl
1 900 Kč bez DPH
2 299 Kč

This fully synthetic GL-5 fluid is intended for use only in the Chrysler Crossfire axle assembly. Not intended for use in other FCA US LLC vehicles.

Kód: 05136035AD
Mopar NV246 rozvodový olej (946ml)
770 Kč bez DPH
932 Kč

Unique lubricant required for NV246 in 2006 DR Truck.

Kód: 05179014AA
660 Kč bez DPH
799 Kč

Formulated as an exceptionally high performance lubricant for use in AS68RC and AS69RC slip-controlled lock-up automatic transmissions. Recommended for use in transmissions made...

Kód: 05189966AD
462 Kč bez DPH
559 Kč

Mopar® CVT fluid is specially formulated for Continuously Variable Transmission in PM/MK body.

Kód: 05191184AB
Mopar NV146 rozvodový olej WH-SRT (946ml)
2 949 Kč bez DPH
3 568 Kč

Specially formulated high-performance lubricant required for carbon fiber clutch plates used in the Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT8 NV 146 transfer case.

Kód: 68001758AA
71eH8JPAPoL. AC SL1500
1 935 Kč –1 %
1 579 Kč bez DPH
1 911 Kč

Recommended for Chrysler Sebring (JS-27) convertible/retractable hardtop system.

Kód: 68035321AB
902 Kč bez DPH
1 091 Kč

Ethylene glycol-based five-year formulation to prevent freeze-up and boil-over while inhibiting corrosion. Only for vehicles factory filled with...

Kód: 68048953AC
Mopar BorgWarner 44-40 a 44-44 2016+ rozvodový olej (946ml)
1 306 Kč bez DPH
1 580 Kč

Transfer case lubricant for all BorgWarner 44-40, and 2016 and newer BorgWarner 44-44. Formulated for use in LX (Charger 300) BorgWarner 44-40, and 2016...

Kód: 68049954AA
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