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Vana do kufru Voyager RT Stow 'n Go

Kód: 82210752
3 050 Kč 2 521 Kč bez DPH
2-5 dní

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Vana do kufru Voyager RT. Protect your Chrysler Town & Country's cargo area with this Chrysler Town & Country Cargo Liner. This handsome Cargo Liner is black. This Cargo Liner is designed to fit the floor of Stow 'n Go vehicles and is large enough to cover the entire floor when the second and third row seats are stowed. Perfect for loading and unloading heavier, potentially damaging items into and out of your trunk while maintaining the interior of your Town & Country.


2011-2015 Lancia Voyager

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Kategorie: Interiér
Hmotnost: 2.832 kg

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