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Koberce gumové sada beige Voyager RT Stow 'n Go

Kód: 82210731AC
4 418 Kč 3 651 Kč bez DPH
2-5 dní

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Koberce gumové sada beige Voyager RT. 1. a 2.řada First & Second Row - Dark Pebble Beige - '08-'11 - Stow 'n Go - Chrysler Town & Country All Weather Mats are absolutely essential in winter, but really work great year round. The custom fit All Weather Mats protect your Town & Country's floor and feature deep ribs to catch and hold onto water, mud, snow, and anything else you can throw at your Town & Country. All Weather Mats can be easily removed for cleaning and rinsing.

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Kategorie: Interiér
Hmotnost: 5.11 kg

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